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About the initiative

Over the last eight decades, your favourite newspaper has showcased thousands of success stories of India. Presented achievements of individuals from across the country and abroad, encompassing all sectors and vocations, touching Indians of all ages and genders. And now, we widen the canvas.

The Times of a Better India will go beyond individuals and examine the deeper Indian ecosystem that contributed to their success – the institutions that educated them, the government policies that they leveraged, the well-wishers who stepped forward to give their dreams a leg up, the organizations that gave them an opportunity, the trends they rode the wave of, even the societal influences that drove their ambitions…in other words, a deep-dive into the throbbing vastness of India that drives our nation forward.

This initiative will explore the continuum of change and positive development that India has witnessed since Independence, where every decade has built upon the layer of progress created by its predecessor creating opportunities for citizens to grab.

And The Times of a Better India will chronicle the manner in which such opportunities have been grabbed. From children who use the opening created by free education to make their dream of being a doctor come true and going beyond to join the civil services, to techies who decide to break the shackles of being employees by leveraging investor funding for their startup dream and end up creating a unicorn; From young women who draw inspiration from ISRO’s women scientists to pursue their own careers in scientific research, to Paralympians whose future is secure in a government or private job allowing them the freedom to bring glory for the country.

The initiative will capture the manner in which individual dreams have come alive with the support of the greater ecosystem and the manner in which the individuals have contributed back to the institutions, organizations or trends that constitute the ecosystem – an intertwining that symbolizes India. And importantly, it will also touch upon what more needs to be done to increase the reach of the supporting ecosystem to build more success stories in the future.

And at the heart of this initiative, like in all our efforts of the past, are our readers. For more than anything else, The Times of a Better India is a celebration of the fortitude, ambitions and dreams of the average Indian, who is quick to recognize and use every foothold to rise higher. Hence, we invite you to join the conversation with us and share similar inspiring accounts that you have experienced.

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