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About the initiative

In March 2020, at the outset of the pandemic in India, TOI took the lead in asking citizens to wear a mask as a layer of protection, as a tool to break virus transmission; emphasizing usage of readily available material for the purpose at a time when quality masks were in short supply. Campaign cut through misinformation with a single, clear message and spread across social segments and geographic boundaries.


The objective was clear: To create a citizen’s movement for wearing masks at the time when the pandemic had just begun in India, in the process demonstrating the brand’s thought leadership and deep understanding of Indian culture. The impact was sharp –

  • Over 105,000 readers participated by uploading their masked pictures via an interactive video
  • More than 2 million page views on programme website www.maskindia.com
  • Organic response from celebrities, leading citizens and renowned doctors amplifying the message
  • Public acknowledgment of the effort from Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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