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About the initiative

One of the most challenging periods in the life of an individual is when he makes the decision on higher education – a decision that impacts his entire life and career. It is a decision that is difficult for many students fresh out of school or in the last year of school education and a matter of the greatest concern to their parents as well. In this context, The Times of India began Mission Admission – an effort to help the students make their decision using experts across fields.

The initiative begins in the paper, with various details of colleges and courses of relevant universities. It has a ground event manifestation in which students can meet experts and education counselors in person to ask their queries – events being held in past years across the country at a time when university admissions are about to commence. And it also has a digital form, in which students can connect with experts online to ask queries on a range of issues, from which courses are offered by certain universities or how to apply to foreign universities to unconventional careers and opportunities within.

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