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About the initiative

The Times Organ Donation Drive is an initiative by the Times of India to create awareness about Organ Donation and encourage Indians to become organ donors so that millions of people who are waiting for a life-saving organ could get a second life. It was launched in 2013 and in the last 8 years, more than 1.81 lakh people have signed up on the campaign website to pledge their organs which can potentially save 1.3 million lives.

 The initiative stressed that one person’s decision to donate his organs after his death could save upto 8 lives (8 organs can be harvested from a braindead person and transplanted in 8 different people). It has sought to spread awareness, bust myths, and work with the central and state governments to create a national registry of organ donors. It has also led to many systemic changes like:

  • NOTTO (National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organization) was institutionalized by the Central Government of India along with the extension of the body to regional and state levels.
  • Multiple states have incorporated a chapter on organ donation within school text books.
  • The central government has announced an opt-in mechanism on driving license for people to sign up as organ donors

The theme for this year:
The past year has shown us that even in the bleakest of times, hope can be found in those around us. None more so that in the people and organisations who banded together to turn loss into life by helping millions of waiting for a life-saving organ and bringing hope back into their lives. This year, the Times Organ Donation Drive will recognize the commendable work done by Organizations towards the cause of Organ Donation.

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