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About the initiative

A 400-year old tradition as part of Durga Puja festivities, Sindoor-Khela unites all women yet excludes the minorities such as widows, transgenders, divorcees, and single mothers face. The Times of India wanted to transform Sindoor Khela from a tradition of division to one that of acceptance, while being part of Bengali cultural conversations exhorting progressive, inclusive celebration, emerging as a thought leader.

The #NoConditionsApply campaign urged the women to play with two dots of sindoor, a symbol that will unite. Special two-dot invites were sent to all the women who’re forbidden from participating and slam poetry penned by leaders of minority communities went live on social media, urging every woman to join in. For the first time, transgenders, sex – workers, widows, and LGBTQ communities, and married women came together, supported by celebrities to celebrate at Kolkata’s biggest temple. Impact:

  • Over 50 temple societies opened their doors to all women
  • Clocked in USD 912,335 in earned media and reached 708 million people becoming the top trending topic on social media in just 4 weeks
  • 3 million comments and thousands of 2 dot selfies from women & men

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