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About the initiative

In 2019, TOI began Times Scholars with the objective of inculcating reading habits amongst school kids and thus, preparing a young mind to be better citizen and actively participate in governance. TOI conceptualized a scholarship exam which was not based on usual academic subjects or mugging, but laid emphasis on developing a holistic worldview of varied issues from India and abroad in children. 

Hence, the syllabus of this unique scholarship programme went beyond books and comprised articles of the newspaper itself. With themes that went beyond Politics - ranging from Global Developments to Economic issues, from Education to Science & Technology, from Social issues to the conquest of new frontiers in Space and much more – the content was both informative and meant to delight a sharp, young mind. The programme climaxed with a detailed selection phase of the winners – putting the participants through a written exam, followed by interviews. Over 3 lakh students participated and over 200 won laptops as prizes.

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