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About the initiative

This programme was based on the deep insight that in many Hindi dominated markets of the country, the youth are able to read and write English passably, but it is in speaking English that they struggle and this impacts them in a range of ways, from low self-esteem in social interactions to an inability to progress in their career to even their personal relationships. This programme was thus launched, with an aim to enable young people to be able to speak English better – helping them get social approval in a globally connected world and enable them to grow in their career/workplace. 

The programme was built around a mobile application, which is an easy-to-use, free of cost platform that made it convenient for young people to improve their spoken English skills. Helping them not just in their careers, but also in social interactions. Importantly for TOI, usage of this app involves downloading a QR code each day to get a new learning module and is expected to positively impact readership of the paper. The app is available in 6 states- Rajasthan, MP, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Odisha. The app was downloaded by over 2.4 lakh people.

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