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About the initiative

An initiative focussing on making a difference at aground level on reviving the degrading eco-system and reducing the effects of air pollution. We were aiming to ensure the people and community participation towards making India a greener country. The campaign had offline activation, by creating areas of dense forest and multi-layered canopy’s which acted as carbon sinks for the city. This in turn, helped control pollution locally and improving overall quality of life. We planted dozens of native species to retain biodiversity, and helped the plantation become maintenance-free after the first 3 years.

TOI Green Drive saw a participation of people belonging to different walks of life, planting and spreading awareness in the community through various mediums. 

  • Under this drive, 8 Mega events were conducted in 3 locations- Chennai, Bangalore and Delhi.
  • Total participation was 80K+ in which 5000+ school kids from 40+ schools participated.
  • The result of the TOI Green Drive was an addition of 3,60,000 samplings.
    • Chennai- 1,60,000
    • Delhi- 1,00,000
    • Bangalore- 1,00,000

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