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Exporting Healthy Indian Rice to the West

By Nagendra Kumar H, Bengaluru | Jul 18, 2022
I was 24 years old when I moved to Bangalore from my Village for work. After a few years - I had to meet my doctor for Digestive issues & to my surprise Doctor gave me a remedy which is "Rice husk".

As a son of a farmer we use to feed that for cattle, now I needed to eat it! I questioned my doctor why you’re giving this to me. The answer is simple: you’re not having enough fiber in your food. You’re having just Polished white rice so that’s the problem for you.

Then we did research and found Rice available in the Market are not having enough fiber and are not nutritious as well. We then explored our traditional rice, millets, oils, etc which are not available easily, also some brands have made it too expensive for the masses to buy.

We later launched a Brand (Rajamudi) that sells good quality, traditional, organic food products at an affordable cost.

The company is now run by a team of passionate individuals and farmers whose purpose is to promote good health and happiness not just in India - but around the World. We now Export our Indigenous rice to the US, Europe & several other countries in the West that normally don't consume much rice in their diet.

The Vision is to support indigenous Indian Farmers from sourcing to packaging, and delivery directly to health-conscious consumers around the World.

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