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India improves in preventing girl illiteracy

By Keerthana Manikandan Nair, Sharjah, UAE | Jul 18, 2022
In the past times, we all have suffered from illiteracy, which means that a girl cannot get education, so she cannot read or write. As we know now, education is life.

India is one among the countries which mostly suffer from girls' illiteracy, especially in desert areas such as Rajasthan, Gujarat, etc. There, boys may do at least some work, or they may get education as their parents think that they should only get education, hence, girls do all the house chores and can not get education or they could not afford to pay to join us in schools. Even I couldn't get much education because my parents could not afford to join me in school.

However, that has changed a lot. Now, the government has started making charity organizations in which. they collect money from us and give it to the poor. Also, in Rajasthan, there is a new school in a deserted village, named Rajkumari Ratnavati Girls School. Such small programs help to stop girl illiteracy in India.

I am so happy that even if we didn't get education, this generation will get much knowledge and it will spread from generation to generation, making India a better place to live forever.

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