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Equal match fee for men and women cricketers: BCCI

Nov 14, 2022

MUMBAI: Women’s cricket in India just got bigger. In a historic, ground-breaking move, which can be termed as a ‘Diwali bonanza’ for Harmanpreet Kaur & Co, the BCCI on Thursday announced that it was introducing equal match fee for India’s male and female cricketers for appearances in international cricket. 

“I’m pleased to announce @BCCI’s first step towards tackling discrimination. We are implementing pay equity policy for our contracted @BCCIWomen cricketers. The match fee for both Men and Women Cricketers will be same as we move into a new era of gender equality in Indian Cricket,” Shah tweeted, marking October 27 as a red letter day for women’s cricketers in India. “The @BCCIWomen cricketers will be paid the same match fee as their male counterparts. Test (INR 15 lakhs), ODI (INR 6 lakhs), T20I (INR 3 lakhs). Pay equity was my commitment to our women cricketers and I thank the Apex Council for their support. Jai Hind,” he added. 

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