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Gaganyaan: Isro making quiet progress on readiness

Jun 08, 2022

BENGALURU: Isro has been making quiet progress on the readiness for India’s first human spaceflight mission - Gaganyaan - with several hurdles relating to launch vehicle, orbital module (that will carry the crew and service modules), crew escape system, environmental control life support system (ECLSS) having been overcome. Work on modifications of the spaceport too has progressed. 

The successful static test of the human-rated solid rocket booster (HS200) earlier this month is one of the milestones for Isro in this direction and the agency is now in the process of preparing for key tests of other engines/stages of the GSLV-Mk3, which, once human-rated and ready for Gaganyaan, will be called human-rated launch vehicle (HRLV). 

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