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How Sunder Nursery is wowing lakhs of visitors without government doles

Oct 17, 2022

NEW DELHI : The World Heritage Site of Sunder Nursery, an oasis in the concrete desert of a metropolitan city, is a perfect model for the creation and maintenance of public parks without the use of government funds. Over six lakh people visited the central Delhi nursery in 2021 even though the park was closed for four months due to Covid-19. 

Over 100 people are employed by the park to look after horticulture, maintenance, housekeeping and security. Management trustee Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) has been able to create a platform for people that truly meets the expectation of a veritable ‘central park’ for the capital. It is with such an aim that AKTC has partnerships with other agencies such as Beejom, which has created an organic farm there, The According to available figures, during summers nearly 12,000 people visited Sunder Nursery every week, of which around 50% came on the weekends. AKTC expects a 50% increase in visitors inthe coming winter months. 

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