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Indians are driving global travel like never before

By amin.ali@timesgroup.com | Aug 09, 2022

The pent-up travel demand of Indians seems to be fuelling the global tourism boom this year, especially since the war and pandemic have restricted most Russian and Chinese tourists – two of the biggest touring contingents.

What did you do this summer? Jaipur-based restaurateur Dushyant Singh is just back from a solo trip to Italy, Denmark, Norway and Germany. In May, Ritvik Kalita, a Guwahati-based businessman, was watching the Grand Prix in Monte Carlo, Monaco, with his buddies. Delhi-based publicist Sugandh Swani has been showcasing her recent family vacation to Turkey on social media. Every time you scroll your social media timeline, more likely than not you will see a friend or relative posting travel updates from some exotic destination. 

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