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Teach, Train, Empower - Fighting Poverty The Nudge Way

By Ardra Shankar | Sep 04, 2022

In 6 Years, The/Nudge Institute Has Helped Skill Millions To Earn A Livelihood And In Turn Uplift Others

In 2015, shortly after Atul Satija founded The/Nudge Foundation (later The/Nudge Institute), he set out to invite young adults from slums across Bengaluru to join Gurukul, a 90-day residential programme for skill development and employment. As he made his way from one slum to another, he realised it was not going to be easy. “It was for the very first batch, so they had reservations about it,” recalls Satija. That’s when he met Ayesha Siddiqui, a young woman with polio, struggling to support her family on her meagre salary as a garment factory worker. “She was the first one to sign up,” he says. “As the sole breadwinner for a conservative family, it took a big leap of faith for her to quit the job. But because of her, many others joined, and that’s how our journey began.”

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