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Why India@100 will lead tech innovation for the entire world

Aug 27, 2022

For decades, it has almost been a joke that Indian parents only want their children to be either engineers or doctors. But the parents’ proclivity is today massively paying off for the country. The world’s most valued companies are technology companies. Every company and every country is trying to make technology an integral part of their operations. So, the world just can't seem to have enough of engineers, and those who know science, maths and statistics. And India, with its phenomenal and abundant talent in these fields, is in the sweetest spot it can think of as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of our independence. 

When we look ahead at the next 25 years and the role India will play in shaping the technology landscape worldwide, the potential looks immense. Debjani Ghosh, president of the IT industry body Nasscom, said on our webinar last week that we are in an amazing place today in terms of the opportunities that are present and the capabilities that we are seeing getting developed in India and by the Indian ecosystem. 

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