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This 8-year-old SEZ brought power to women of Chittoor

Sep 10, 2022

NELLORE: Even before debates started over the ‘jobs to locals’ legislation of the state government, firms in the Sri City Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Chittoor district have been emplying locals in large numbers. 

Most of the firms have employed over 90-95 per cent locals, which is way above the bench mark fixed by the state government. In fact, companies in Sri City are looking to pack their firms with near 100 per cent locals. Only a few top executive roles would probably be given to outsiders. What’s more, most women in the locality are now employed in these firms. Companies think this has created a better economic eco-sytem in the area. Rosters of some companies, refreshingly, have a woman strength of 90%. The secne wasn’t like this before Sri City came in 2011. 

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